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Movie Monday 5 November 2018

Welcome to Movie Monday 5 November 2018. The clocks have went back, it’s just dark most of the time except when you are at work. Where did the weekend go?

Movie Monday 5 November 2018

Hopefully these edits will help you get through the start of the working week.


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End Game

We now have Corran Addison’s End Game right here on Unsponsored. Big water, big moves and pre-GoPro.

End Game

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Tavignano River – Landfill

This is just madness. First they dam a beautiful river and then propose to put a huge landfill site on its banks.

Corsica Sessions 2013 (Kayak Session Short Film of the Year Awards 2013 – Entry#1) from Kayak TV (Kayak Session Mag) on Vimeo.

See the detail below from Kayak Session with a link to the online petition.

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Corsica 2014

Corsica seems to be the place to be in 2014. Another great edit showing what this island has to offer.

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 21.26.22

Buen comienzo de temporada con una sesion de kayak en la isla de Corsica (Francia). Niveles de agua bajos, pero siempre un lugar increíble!

Good start off season with a session of some kayaking days in Corsica (France). Low water levels but always an amazing place! Continue reading

Korsika 2014

A nice little edit for Jan showing the main runs in Corsica.

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 19.28.06

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Corsica 2014

Corsica 2014 from Ryan Hargreaves on Vimeo.

Choss Watch

Choss Watch

Join Phil Mitchel, Ben Johnston, James Mitchel and Martyn Butler for this latest instalment of Choss Watch when the team searches the sunny island paradise of Corsica for its most manky rocky rivers.

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Escape To Corsica 2014

I’ve seen many photographs and videos of Corsica since I started kayaking 4 years ago but never imagined that I’d actually get to go and experience the crystal waters and steep creeks of this stunning island. It is difficult to get any detailed information on the kayaking out there aside from a few videos and German guidebooks from the 80s full of air bracing pioneers in fibreglass boats!


Getting to the island involved a drive to Dover, the channel ferry, a 13 hour drive to Toulon and an overnight ferry across the Mediterranean. Despite over 24 hours of travelling, once you’re on the island, the rivers are all very close by and range from relaxing grades 2/3 to some scary 5/6 with siphons the size of cars and portages as long as some British rivers!


We spent the first day finding our feet on the grade 2/3+ Lower Vecchio and Tavignano Gorge, working out team dynamics and acclimatising to the Corsican style. Later in the week we paddled another section of the Tavignano which had some awesome surf spots and flair opportunities, a great river for beginner and intermediate paddlers to practice skills on! Continue reading


Unsponsored’s little brother River was grounded after this trip. Broken boats and broken bones. Disgraceful.

Corsica from THE RIVER MILITIA on Vimeo.

Read about the adventure here.

Viva La Corsica

A really nice video from Stuart Sheath

Viva la Corsica from Stuart Sheath on Vimeo.

The Mothership Connection

The Mothership Connection is one of the videos in the TEVA tour series. It takes you on a 55 minute whirlwind trip to many grade IV and V rivers in Corsica, Italy, and Norway. It is largely filmed by top playboater, designer (Riot Techno), extreme paddler and video boater, Arnd Shaeftlein.

Like the other tours in the series the cast is world famous and features the paddling talents of Buffy Bailey, Johnny Kern, Willy Kern, Mark Eames, Brennan Guth, Mark Hayden, Francesco Salvato, Brad Ludden, Flemming Shmidt, Erik Martinsen, Stephan Luetz, Lara Tipper, Horst Fuersattel, Arnd Shaeftlein, Ortwin Dellevoet and others!

The rivers and scenery are simply amazing, well shot and well run by the boaters. Running large drops dominates but one or two play waves are featured.

In my opinion the soundtrack is the only thing that lets the video down, however musical tastes are quite individual and that should not detract from the fact that there is some awesome boating throughout the 55 minutes. It’s worth watching at least a couple of times.

To sum up – Big names, big water, and big drops.

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