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Nightlines Photography

Nightlines photography – Geoff Otto shows us how using EL-wire (electro luminescent wire) and a creative side can be used to capture a different type of ww scene.


I have been playing around with el-wire now for approx 12 month, its a fantastic product and not too expensive. A 5 metre length is £5+ to the door from online suppliers or from eBay which I where I got hold of it. It’s a little temperamental when first trying it out, but it becomes easier once you’ve set a few lines up. To get the shots, we’ve been timing the evening so we just catch light fading into dark to get the best exposure in the shots. These test shots are something for a bigger project I have in mind in the future with Teesside Uni film crew.

Nightlines Photography

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Liquidriot Duo Kayak – The Build

The Liquidriot Duo kayak seen in a previous post was photographed a few days ago. In the three days following the original post over 12k people have viewed it, which is quite simply incredible.

Liquidriot Duo Kayak(3)

The Duo was hand crafted by Newcastle Uni paddlers – Jacob Collings, Matt Rose, Catherine Sanderson, and Angus Mackay. The guys behind the kayak have kindly sent some images of their creation being put together.

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