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River Tees – Low Force

Team Unsponsored had a few hours at Low Force on the River Tees today. As ROHO were having a demo day there was a very good chance that there would be a good number of boaters.

River Tees - Low Force

I’ve been working on trying to take photos and not having to crop, or adjust the image in any kind of way. I’ve also been trying frame some of the shots in a slightly different way. I’m quite pleased with the way in which these have turned out.

River Tees - Low Force

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Liquid Logic Stinger XP

Unsponsored’s little brother River has been quiet lately. Thankfully he has broken out of the house and managed to catch some early summer water here at home in the UK.

New Lines with The Stinger XP from THE RIVER MILITIA on Vimeo.

It’s fast, manoverable, responsive and roomy! Great for multi-days and Soooo much fun to paddle. What more do you want?! to demo then to inevitably buy yours.


The contrast between this week and last week on the River Tees was amazing. This week we had blue sky, warm sun and much lower water levels. Teesside Uni were out with Endless Adventure getting some moving water skills and having a go at Tubing.

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The Tees, Tubes, Tears and Tissue Damage

Had a great day on the Tees with the boys trying out some tubes on dog leg. Waters levels were pretty good at 0.59 on the gauge. The day before the water had been very high.

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