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Burning Time 2

Burning Time 2, what a classic. Scott Lindgren has recently posted this classic up on Vimeo.

Burning Time 2

It is well worth checking out.

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A Few Kayak Movies From The Past…

Channel Surfing

Surfing from channel to channel until they passed even Channel No 5, these action heros take the viewer on a whirlwind tour of insane stunts and unbelievable masquerades. Action sequences include surfing Montreal’s massive Mavric wave, hair boating in California and the Southeast as well as an insane freewheel off a huge waterfall.

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Amongst It

Amongst It is produced by Penstock Productions (the same stable that brings LVM to our screens).

This is a creekin video through and through, and centres around the following featured rivers;

Perth River
Big Kimshew Creek
Rauma River
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Bigger Than Rodeo

Bigger than Rodeo is the long awaited and much talked about video from the Epicocity Project crew. It follows there adventures through the Americas finding big water, big falls and getting huge air along the way.

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Legend of the Falls

Legend of the Falls is Corran Addisons’ DVD which aims to be “the definitive manual for anyone interested in either learning the basics of river running, or improving their creek boat skills”.

Legend of the falls proved to be a sound investment. The DVD is split into a number of chapters, they are; River Communication with Arnd Schaeftlein, River Grading, Safety, Equipment, Understanding Rapids, Running technique – boofing etc and a section titled Dr Throwline.

From the outset it is clear that this 1hr 15 Minute will have a mountain of infromation for you. It kicks off with River Communication with Arnd Schaeftlein, and wow what an eye opener. A must for all boaters of any standard. A simple and concise way of communicating on the river was effectivley described and demonstrated by Arnd – simply brilliant. River Grading was the next section with Corran describing the Addison river grading scale with clear use of words and visual examples. Continue reading

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