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Movie Monday 10 April 2017

Welcome to Movie Monday 10 April 2017. It’s been a dry week in the NE of the UK so not much boating. Thankfully the GoPro equipped massive have been finding the water. Their efforts and adventures can be seen right here on Unsponsored.

Movie Monday 10 April 2017

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Small World Adventures (SWA) – News

Small World Adventures (SWA) is under new management, previous owners Don Beveridge and Darcy Gaechter have bought the company back along with former SWA guide and good friend Liam Kirkham.

Small World Adventures (SWA) - News

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A Wet State #95: 2014 Wrap Up

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 19.28.22

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Unsponsored Q&A Series – Diego Robles

Diego Robles is a young kayaker who is pushing and developing the sport in the emerging Ecuadorian paddling scene. It is a great honour to have such a great rising star and ambassador of the sport to take part in the Unsponsored Q&A series.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in the kayaking world?

When I was 20 I ran Chuchaki falls in Leporacan gorge. At the time it was the tallest waterfall an Ecuadorian had run. I am always looking for something bigger to run.

Unsponsored Q&A Series - Diego Robles

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Kayaking in Ecuador, Land of the Boof by Nathan Butler

Ecuador – Land of the Boof from Nathan Butler on Vimeo.

Paddling in Ecuador – Part III

Paddling in Ecuador - Part III

7th Jan

Nath took a chill as he wasnt feeling good, I safety boated the Jatunyacu with Diego and Armin, Armin rocked up without a helmet but cracked on anyway as it was deep. Diego left me with the raft and gear to sort. I wish I had a photo of the put in which was basically a stream bed at 45 degrees, I had to move the 12ft raft down it on my own which was class given the amount of rum I had drunk the night before. I also learnt a valuable lesson, don’t trust a fart in Ecuador, enough said. It rained so hard that all the customers went blue and we had no spare gear, Diego found some matches at the lunch spot and made a fire which was a welcome site for everyone. We headed down and pulled in at a side canyon where everyone got brown war paint or mud.

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Paddling in Ecuador – Part I

Nathan Butler is currently out in Ecuador kayaking and living the Dream. He has kindly agreed to allow his posts from his blog Aquapilot to be also posted on Unsponsored.

P1010772.JPG john bridge piatua

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

So it begins!

The past two days of traveling have been interesing. From making one bag out of two by getting our paddlebag and checked baggage wrapped together in plastic packaging saving £160, to John choaking on his own drewl whilst asleep on the plane. A special point of interest was my little interrogation spell in NYC homeland security, but 35 hours later we have finally made it to Ecuador. We checked into a hostal in the capital city Quito.

The hostal was cool but right next to a nightclub and at 01:00 it was in full swing. After a good nights sleep (the nightclub and it’s attendees had no chance of keeping us awake) we arranged for a taxi to pick us up, with our kayaks and take us to Tena. After the best 5 hour drive ever, communicating with our driver Wilo with only a translation book we arrived in Tena. The place is an amazing little town, full of character and jungle creatures!

Levels are good at present and there is plenty of grade A jungle boulder garden whitewater to have a go at. The plan is to hit the bar to make some friends that will, hopefully, take a couple of British rednecks boating. Continue reading

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