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Soul Waterman Moves Production Out Of The USA

Production Out Of The USA

It is with sadness, that Soul Waterman has decided to move its production out of the USA. This decision is being made for several extremely practical reasons: we’re in the boat building business and need to be able to produce our kayaks on time, to standard, at a reasonable price.

The recent trade war started by the president of the United states is resulting in retaliatory tariffs by several nations around the world. These are countries where Soul sells kayaks, and the tariff hikes are going to make our products uncompetitive in those markets; sales which combined make up more than half our total business. Given the international nature of our sales, we cannot afford 20%-30% price hikes on our products in these countries.

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New School Kayak Old School Outfitting

Corran Addison has recently offered his new F Bomb kayak with Hooptie outfitting. Essentially a new hull design with stripped backed outfitting that can be customised by its owner. Having paddled for over 30 years I remember outfitting boats with bit of foam and plenty of glue. I for one think that this is an excellent idea.

New School Kayak Old School Outfitting

Check it out.

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