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Canoe Outfitting – Saddles

Travis Overtstreet has put together this awesome Silverbirch Covert with the help of Matt Toddhunter and Shawn Alexander. The setup allows Travis to swap out the saddles for either solo or tandem use.

Canoe Outfitting - Saddles

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Dagger AX – More Welding Magic

Dagger AX

Have you ever thought about taking the rear deck from one Dagger Axiom and using it to replace the front deck of another Dagger Axiom?

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Fall Line Canoes – Welding Magic


Take a Dagger Nomad hull, a Pyranha Burn’s side walls and a Zet Director deck and mix in some welding magic and you get something like this.

Fall Line Canoes have created this superb OC1 using a Nomad, Burn and Director. Simply awesome.

If you haven’t heard of Fall Line Canoes please check them out, they make the best canoe airbags available.

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