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Liquidlogic Kayak Prototype Testing

Liquidlogic have been putting in fair bit of design time on the development of new kayaks over the last 18 months. As well as the Flying Squirrel, Braaap and Mullet there is also a short playboat being developed.

Liquidlogic Kayak Prototype

This edit shot with GoPro equipment shows Pion Stéphane testing the new Liquidlogic kayak prototype on the “Charnay and La Malate” waves.

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Fly Like A Squirrel, Sting Like A Bee

Fly Like A Squirrel

A little recap from this weekends Greenings with two of my favorite boats the LiquidLogic Stinger and LiquidLogic Flying Squirrel. Was also lucky enough to get my personal first longboat decent of Gorilla.

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Flying the Flying Squirrel!

Flying the Flying Squirrel

Excited to be back paddling and back on the Green after suffering a rib injury before the Green Race. This time though, things are a bit different. Picked up a new LiquidLogic Flying Squirrel and man is this thing sweet. It’s got so much speed and glide to it, it just makes running the Green that much cooler.

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Liquidlogic Flying Squirrel – Review

Liquidlogic Flying Squirrel - Review

The Squirrel is Liquidlogic’s latest white water kayak and the second designed through the company’s Automatic For The People initiative. Demand for a boat similar to Liquidlogic’s successful Remix but with additional bow rocker and volume in addition to an overall increase in volume was high. In fact Liquid Logic used the original Remix model as the starting point for the Flying Squirrel and built in many of the features that both team members and Liquid Logic fans had been calling for.

I have been lucky enough to get hold of one of the first Squirrels to land here in the UK and have been paddling Squirrel each week over the last couple of months. Over the years I have owned a number of Liquidlogic boats including – Vision, Ronin, Biscuit, and Stomper, so I was very interested to give this new #automaticforthepeople kayak a try.

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Liquidlogic WW Kayak Line Up

Many thanks to the guys at Rokx Adventure Traders for allowing their images to be used on Unsponsored.

The images show the line up of whitewater kayaks from Liquidlogic.

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Christopher Meets The Squirrel

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 19.09.02

Love the title of this edit from Jordan Poffenberger. Check out Liquidlogic’s new Flying Squirrel running the Christopher Columbus line on Gorrilla at low water. Continue reading

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