Through the fog: Some reflections on the influence social media has on our motivations and sense of self achievement in kayaking.

Through The Fog

Recently I read an article by a pal of mine I boated with in Italy this year, and its safe to say he knows his stuff and has the experience to back it up.

His article, however, has upset a lot of people.


He seemingly (whether intentionally or not) attacked social media and those that use it as a form of self promotion.

I must admit I had to re-read it several times to try and work out if it was a targeted rant or not, and seems to have hit a nerve with a few folk! Whilst I am certainly one of those that is an active user of social media and use it to both create myself more business, and maintain support deals, I’ve come to the conclusion that I agree with the point that (I think) is being made, at least in part, which is social media can have a hugely negative impact on our lives if we allow it to.

His article sparked a deeper reflection for me on social media and the influence it has on my self and my own motivation for kayaking.

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