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Pin/Rescue Kit Part 1 – Climbing Tape

Tubular tape can be purchased from most climbing shops off the real for £2 or less per metre. You can also purchase 4m (newer models 5m) of Palm tubular tape for around £14 from most kayak shops!

I carry a 5-metre length of 25mm tubular tape for use in rescue situations, lowering boats etc.

My 5m tape rolls into a coil with a diameter similar to a CD/DVD disk. It can be used as a short throw line, tied into a sling around a tree or even turned into a make shift sit harness. The Palm version is supplied with a stitched in loop which makes adding a carabiner into the system really easy.

Tape should be tied using a tape knot (aka a water knot) to prevent any slippage – click here to see how to tie the water knot.

Pin Kits/Rescue Kit

We are about to run a series of articles on the kinds of kit that paddlers are carrying to get them out of a tricky rescue situation. We are therefore very interested to hear about what kit individuals/groups are carrying/using.

If you are interested in contributing to the series then please either leave a comment on this post or visit the Unsponsored Facebook page and leave a message there.

Pin kit options.

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