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GoPro Tether

Losing a GoPro because the sticky mount has failed is not a nice experience. I have been there. Using a leash or tethering system has become a key part of using a GoPro, especially when attached to a kayak, paddle or helmet. Since the release of the Blackout housing and GoPro Hero 4 the usual place to add a leash to tether the camera has gone.

GoPro have removed access to the metal bar that acts as part of the hinge, this was used by many to attach a thin piece of cord although some cases have failed due to this. There are two alternatives to using the hinge that depend upon the thumbscrew on the QR mount.


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Modified GoPro Leash System

I’ve been using a leash on my GoPros since I first started to use the cameras for boating. I have been well aware that if knocked off my boat or helmet that the backdoor of the GoPro will be put under a great deal of stress.


This week I made another leash and add a half-hitch around the thumbscrew. All things being well this should help take the impact load if the leash is ever need.

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GoPro Leash

I usually wear my GoPro attached to my Sweet Strutter helmet. The curvature of the helmet doesn’t quite match the profile of the curved GoPro mount. So although the mount is secure there is a pretty good chance that a hit will knock it clean off. I have therefore installed a leash system.

There are a number of arguments for and against attaching the camera with a leash. Most of the against centre around the risk of snagging. At the end of the day I have thought carefully about the pros and cons and have decided that I will use a leash.

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Doc’s Pro Plugs

Been kayaking a long time? In the cooler waters of the UK and northern Europe? If you have, you may have growth in your inner ear that is closing your ear canal, and will affect your hearing long-term.

When the ear is exposed to water and cold wind over a period of time the ear canal can narrow due to bone growth. The only solution to the problem is surgery. Many kayakers are now aware of “surfers ear” and have started to wear neoprene skullcaps to protect the ears, however surfers have found that wearing skullcaps doesn’t always prevent surfers ear.
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