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Liquidlogic Kayaks – Alpha

Check out the new kayak from Liquidlogic.

Liquidlogic Kayaks - Alpha
Liquidlogic Kayaks – Alpha

We started the 9-foot fast creeker / river runner revival and the Alpha is our latest creation in the class. This machine has a large smooth transitioning bow rocker to gobble up holes and boofs while the center section of the hull is flatter to help with speed, stability, and agility. Longer boats no longer have to be hard to paddle. This baby is nimble! The subtle kick rockered stern profile is modeled after the Braaap which gives it a predictable quick carving fun feel on the water. If you are looking for a confidence-inspiring boat that can make your local run fun or take care of you on the hardest whitewater you paddle. Give the Alpha a try.

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Dagger Axiom Vs Jackson AntiX Vs Liquidlogic Braap Vs Pyranha Ripper Vs Soul Gonzo

Fancy a slicey river running play machine? Her is quick run down of the specifications of a number of the slicey kayaks out there. Dagger Axiom Vs Jackson AntiX Vs Liquidlogic Braap Vs Pyranha Ripper Vs Soul Gonzo Vs …..

Liquidlogic Party Braap

Dagger Axiom Vs Jackson AntiX Vs Liquidlogic Braap Vs Pyranha Ripper

Length 271.8cm
Width 62.2cm
Weight 20kg
Volume 253.6l
Paddler Weight 45 – 100kg

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Liquidlogic Slicey Boat Prototype On The Water

This great edit direct from Shane at Liquidlogic shows the Liquidlogic Slicey Boat Prototype below ripping it up on the Gauley.

Liquid Logic Prototype

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New Liquid Logic Prototype Kayak

This one wasn’t at Paddle Expo. A new slicey Liquid Logic prototype kayak.

Liquid Logic Prototype

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Introducing the Liquidlogic Delta V

Pat Keller talks us through the new Liquidlogic Delta V kayak.

Introducing the Liquidlogic Delta V

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Liquidlogic Delta V – Closer Look

We have these great new images of the Liquidlogic Delta V from Trevor Conrad.

Liquidlogic Delta V

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Shane’s First Paddle In The Liquidlogic Delta V

Shane's First Paddle In The Liquidlogic Delta V

Shane’s First Paddle In The Liquidlogic Delta V – We just made the first prototypes of the Delta V. The Green River is running high. Let’s go!!

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Liquidlogic Delta V 88 – First Impressions

Initial impressions of the new LL Delta V 88 after 1 Green lap at 7.5″ for those of you that care and have contacted me about it…if you don’t know me really quickly stats that might affect boat performance 6’0″ 170ish paddling a Stomper 90 as a creek boat for the last 6 years (I’ve been through 6 of them) and a Braaap for the last year.

Liquidlogic Delta V 88 - First Impressions

I’ve been reluctant to give up the Stomper because it’s my go to class 5 SE creeker but I’ve been having a blast in the Braaap. I’m just not comfortable enough in the Braaap to really get into the class 5 realm in it.

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Liquid Logic – Jefe Grande Is Back

Liquid Logic have announced today that the Jefe Grande is back. The Jefe was a big hit with paddlers at Unsponsored HQ so it’s great to see it back.

Jefe Grande Is Back

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Liquidlogic – Double Down Seat System

Liquidlogic have upgraded the system used to fasten the seat into their kayaks. The Double Down seat system as it is known is also available as an aftermarket upgrade.

Liquidlogic - Double Down Seat System

The system essentially replaced the single bolt hardware used to fasten each seat pillar to the kayak with a double bolt system.

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Big News From Esquif

Big news from Esquif. Liquidlogic will be producing the next line of Esquif canoes in their facility based in Asheville NC.



Esquif International Announces Partnership with Liquidlogic Kayaks

Esquif International is excited to announce that Liquidlogic Kayaks in Asheville, NC will now be manufacturing the hulls for the Esquif L’Edge Lite. “Liquidlogic has a reputation for doing fantastic roto-molding work and we want our customers to have the very best from Esquif.” said Esquif International, founder and owner, Jacques Chassé.

Availability for the L’Edge Lites will be mid-May as the first shipment of hulls to leave Asheville is expected May 1, 2016.

In mid-May the first T-Formex boats will ship from Esquif International headquarters in Frampton, Quebec. Chassé and his team are being kept very busy as they ramp up the T-Formex production. Partnering with Liquid Logic makes sense, they do some of the best roto-molded manufacturing available and Esquif wants to be proud to put their name on every boat they produce.


Esquif International Inc.
100-B Industrielle
Frampton, Qc, Canada

Liquidlogic Braaap – Review

By now you may have read a handful of Braaap first impressions penned by uber-paddlers. If you’re like me, and I know I am, you’re also interested in what your average paddle flogger thinks.

Liquidlogic Braaap - Review

However, I’ve owned old school boats, yaks designed for the Green River race and a slalom kayak, so the traits of the Braaap aren’t entirely new to me. Nonetheless, I’m an “average” paddler and any foibles mentioned in the following may be due to the shortcomings of the paddler. It’s a slippery, watermelon seed of a boat. If you’re willing to develop the right technique, the return on investment will be substantial.

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