The Rivertec Fusion PFD has been about for some time now and has only seen one real revamp in its history. It first appeared in the late 90’s in a rather smart dark blue which was later joined by red and now grey. The new grey version also has a zipped chest pocket, something which its colourful predecessor lacked. The basic concept of the Fusion will be familiar to most – a slab PFD with adjustment on the shoulders, sides and waist.

Palm Rivertec Fusion PFD - Review
Palm Rivertec Fusion PFD – Review

Where it differs is the use of neoprene to help provide a snug fit without being restrictive or allowing the PFD to ride up. The neoprene forms the basis of the shoulder straps with additional tape adjustment. Further neoprene is also evident on the the front and back of the Rivertec Fusion and are joined by tape adjusters fastened by fastex buckles. This makes the Fusion very easy to put on, adjust and remove. An additional strap on the bottom of the Fusion makes riding up almost impossible.

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