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DIY SOS: The Bodger’s Guide To Lightening A Dagger Jitsu

I own a Dagger Jitsu. I like it, although like many playboats it has its fans and its detractors. Generally though it is regarded to have a good hull shape, and, frankly, I find it hard to fit into other models simply because I’m one of those awkward people who has long legs for their weight.

Image: Eagles Nest Photography

I’m not going to be world champion any time soon, and if I was to buy a ‘dream’ playboat I’d likely be buying a carbon one. But there’s one thing about the Jitsu that most who know it can agree on. It is a lot heavier than it needs to be. In fact this very same criticism can be levelled at pretty much any modern boat on the market today.

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Soul Kayaks – New Power Seat

Corran Addison has recently released some images of the new power seat fitted within the also new Soul composite Super Sic playboat.

New Power Seat

The power seat that was fitted to Riot kayaks back in the day (when Riot were good) was quite simply one of the best seats out there. If this new one is even half as good, it will be a winner.

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