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Prijon Cali Vs Prijon Pure XL

There has been a huge amount on interest on Unsponsored for further information about what makes the new Prijon Cali different to the Prijon Pure XL. In essence the Cali shares its genetics with the Pure XL, very similar in many ways but also improved in many others.

The image below details the Prijon Cali Vs Prijon Pure XL changes.

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Prijon Cali – First Look

I’ve been a huge fan of Prijon boats for years and have owned a fair few including a T Canyon, Avenger, Delirious, Delirium and Release. The newest whitewater boat to the Prijon line up is the Cali.


Length: 8’10”
Width: 27″
Volume: 90 Gallons
Weight: 45lbs

Prijon Cali 2

The Prijon Cali is Prijon’s latest creek boat and is an update to the Pure XL. The images of the new Cali come direct from Prijon USA.

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