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Bren Orton – No Paddle Tricky Whu

Bren Orton pulls a superb Tricky Whu out in North Carolina.

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Pyranha Shiva Review

Over the last year or so I have been making my way through all of the new creek boats on the market. This has included paddling the LL Stomper, Pyranha Nano, Wavesport Recon 83, Wavesport Recon 93, Zet Raptor, and now the Pyranha Shiva.

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Immersion Research Klingon Empire Spray Deck – Review (1 Year On)

Those of you who have followed the site for many years will know that I usually only ever use Playboater spraydecks. I have owned a few and they are always superb. When I initially tried my Immersion Research Klingon Empire Spraydeck I was simply blown away. But how is it 1 year on?

Immersion Research Klingon Empire 1

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The “Jeds” First World Champs, Coming Soon

Check out my thoughts on the Pyranha Jed here.

Stage 3

Stage 3 from Pyranha on Vimeo.

Mczilla – Tricky – Loop

Mczilla – Tricky – Loop from on Vimeo.

A great show of skills from Bren Orton.

Pyranha Loki – First Paddle

The Pyranha takes a massive departure away from the cookie cutter playboat shape that we have all seen developing over the last few years with the new Loki. Designs such as the Jed, Project X, and Jitsu have all to some extent developed in one particular direction – to allow paddlers to pull off some of the more modern aerial moves.


The Loki on the other hand has been designed to allow paddlers to return to a time when cartwheels, stern squirts, stern stalls, flat spins and blunts were the moves of the day. In essence Pyranha have set out to capture the feel and performance of old school playboats.

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Current Kit Update

The old current kit topics on the forum were always popular, so I thought I’d give you all an update of my current kit.

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Reader’s Rides 2013 – Mark Mulrain

Name: Mark Mulrain
Location: Glasgow, Scotland



Dragorossi 88 (big boat) – I wanted a boat that had the speed of a Zet Raptor and boofed a little easier like the Liquidlogic Stomper. The 88 seemed to do meet this criteria. I was blown away by how easily it punched water features and the speed it carried out from the bottom of a rapid. Continue reading

Pyranha Nano – Review

Over the last couple years UK based Pyranha have brought out a number of top class high performing boats including the Shiva creeker and Jed playboat. There has been a great deal of interest in the new Nano since the first images started to emerge late last year.

Pyranha Nano - Review

From Pyranha:

The Nano is a short creek boat with a playful nature, it has influences from Shiva, Jed and Burn make for a super maneuverable, compact creeker with the ability to run harder lines as well as open up play potential.

Aspiring creekers will find the Nano stable, easy to roll and playful enough to enjoy river features.
Experienced boaters will get big fun in a small package

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Congo: The Grand Inga Project Review by Gavin Hart

Congo: The Grand Inga Project
Duration: 120mins

Bring together some of the best kayakers in the world. Follow their journey conquering some of the hardest white water in the world. Here you have Congo: The Grand Inga Project, one of the most impressive paddling films in the world.

Directed by kayaking legend Steve Fisher. The film is an entertaining documentation of the participants training, travel, problems and successes on the expedition to paddle the previously un-navigable Inga Rapids. I recommend this film to anyone due to its fantastic story and incredible visuals throughout. The crew has done a great job filming the paddlers from afar and not just relying on the POV cameras strapped to the paddlers and their boats, which many films are now doing too much of. All shot in HD this makes for some great slow-motion sequences that even my fellow climbing friend admitted make him want to try the sport. Much of the film is narrated by the paddlers with some low-level appropriate soundtrack. The interviews during the film have lead to some great quotes.

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Carbon Pyranha Jed

I have had my plastic Jed for a few months and it is a superb boat. Pyranha has posted this image of the carbon version of the Jed at the OR show.

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