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New 9ft Titan Kayak – The Rival

You may have seen a number of images of a new kayak from Titan Kayaks posted on social media over the last few weeks. We have managed to get some information about this boat prior to its official release in the new year.

Titan Rival

Titan has stepped up there range with there new Rival, thus entering the 9ft creek boat game in a big way. Full details are a little sketchy, but here is what we have so far.

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Eddy Turns – S Turns

I was thinking about S-Turns the other day and thought I would share my thoughts with you.

Successful entry into the attainment on the far side of the river depends upon your tactical approach to the exit from the original eddy.

To begin with forward speed needs to be generated in the eddy with good power generation and transfer. This could only offer you the oportunity for one power stroke!

By carrying this speed across the eddy-line with some stern-heavy trim to maintain directional stability (keeping a straighter line), the boat moves into the flow with more of a ferry-glide angle. This is so positioning across to the other side of the river can be begun early in the sequence.

Here we see the result of acceleration out of the eddy. However, the trim is now being moved forward and neutral to promote turning:

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