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Eric Jackson Instructional Series – Mystery Move A Plastic Kayak

Have you got a nice and slicey boat? Then check out Eric Jackson’s guide to pulling off a mystery move.

Mystery Move A Plastic Kayak

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Movie Monday 5 September 2016

Movie Monday 5 September 2016 has landed here at Unsponsored HQ – A great mix from around the globe.

Movie Monday 5 September 2016

If you have lots of free time why not check out the hundreds of other edits hidden within our Movie Monday archive.

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10 Easy Ways To Become A Better Paddler

When you start your paddling career progression is often very rapid. Skill acquisition is quick and you develop the technique required to safely get you down a piece of water. After you have been paddling for a while it is easy to hit a plateau. Moving past this can seem quite difficult but a few changes or adaptations can help you to continue to make progress/develop.

10 Easy Ways To Become A Better Paddler

Consider where you mainly paddle. Change venue if you can. Try a new piece of water.

Paddle more. It’s a simple step that can really speed up your progress.

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The Dirty D

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 20.55.58

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Stern Dip/Stern Squirt Ver 2

First off, this will be next to impossible without the right boat (next to impossible, a friend of mine can squirt a polo boat right up). Get yourself a squirt boat, or small newish playboat.

A squirt is a very quick complete 180 degree or more turn on the long axis of your boat, front to back. In simple terms, what happens is when you complete a stern squirt textbook fashion, your stern will sink down, the boat will go completely or near enough to vertical, and you can spin on the long axis. Try to keep it spinning, or then if you start falling down, smash the bow down to go cartwheeling.

Once you get it going, it can be nice and slow and graceful, involving hardly any effort. Starting off though, it’ll probably involve a lot of splashing, capsizing, and swearing. Continue reading

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