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How To Fold A Drysuit

Looking after your gear is super important as it will hopefully last longer and look after you. Keeping your drysuit stored correctly in your kit bag can really help look after what can be a seriously expensive piece of gear.

How To Fold A Drysuit
How To Fold A Drysuit

NRS have put this short video together on how to correctly fold a NRS suit but is applicable to most makes.

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NRS Women’s Pivot Drysuit

Check out the new NRS Women’s Pivot Drysuit.

NRS Women's Pivot Drysuit

This back entry Tizip suit is worth checking out.

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Gul Watersports Napa Drysuit – First Look

Gul is a UK based company with over 50 years experience in the watersports industry. We have received a couple of bits of gear from Gul for review at Unsponsored. First up is the paddling specific Napa Drysuit.

Gul Watersports Napa Drysuit - First Look

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Peak UK Deluxe Drysuit – First Look

Just like the other Peak UK gear we had in recently the Peak UK Deluxe drysuit was first seen back in 2015 at the Paddle Expo in Germany.

Peak UK Deluxe Drysuit

After having some time time checking the suit out and discussing its design with Snakey it was clear that Peak UK had taken some time to develop there next generation of drysuits.

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Palm Equipment Drysuits 2016

Palm have significantly updated their line of drysuits for 2016. Fabric is tougher and the velcro flaps used to cover zips have been completely removed.

Palm Equipment Drysuits 2016

The cut has been improved with less panels and as a result less seams.

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Sweet Intergalactic Dry Suit – First Look

Earlier this week a box arrived from Norway containing a very new, hot off the press dry suit – The Sweet Protection Intergalactic Drysuit.

Unsponsored-sweet-intergalactic (19)

This is of course the highly anticipated Intergalactic Drysuit. Very few details of this actually exist and the number of images are very limited. In fact most have already been on Unsponsored. However I’m now in a very fortunate position of being able to check out the Intergalactic up close and get to give it a go on the water.

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Kit Update March 2013

I have had several emails asking for another run down of my kit and how it is holding up, so here goes.

First and foremost my Astral Brewer shoes haven’t had a look in. Time and time again I go for the Five Ten Water Tennies. Through the winter they have been great. They’ve performed well on wet greasy rock, mud and snow/ice. The laces and eyelets are all in place and the soles are wearing incredibly well.

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Palm Spark Surface Immersion Suit – First Look

Rather than this being a review of the new Palm Spark Suit, this is more of a photographic first look. There has been lots of talk about the suit over the last few months but very little in the way of images. I have therefore decided to put that right. The suit shown is my new Palm Spark in large.

The Spark is a Surface Immersion Suit, it is not a dry suit as both the ankle seals are not latex (or socks) and are therefore not 100% water tight. However reports suggest that the performance of the seals is pretty good.

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