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Marsupial Boat Bag

Trying to find a good bag for your kayak is super difficult. Thankfully if you are an owner of a Soul Waterman kayak you can get a tailor made bag the Marsupial Boat Bag.

Marsupial Boat Bag

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Vertical Element Four Piece Breakdown Paddle – First Look

We’ve have a new Vertical Element four piece breakdown paddle here at Unsponsored HQ for review. Vertical Element are a UK based company who design and manufacture their own custom whitewater and recreational paddles.

Vertical Element Four Piece Breakdown Paddle

I reckon that if you need to use a set of breakdown paddles when on a river trip the chances are something epic has occurred, and in situations like this I would want a set of breakdowns that were at least as good as the set I had lost or broke.

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My Favorite GoPro Accessories For Travel

Getting the right number and type of GoPro accessories will help you to shoot some great footage for that holiday edit. But you need it to be fairly compact, usable and add value to the camera. Carrying loads of gear ‘just in case’ is counter productive as you’ll probably not even use it anyway. It’s all about keeping it simple.

All of these suggestions will happily work with the entire GoPro range including the Hero 4 and Hero 4 Session. 


Lowe Pro Dashpoint AVC:

Firstly if the main items of my gear don’t fit in a Lowe Pro Dashpoint AVC it isn’t going. The case is designed for one camera but will happily take two GoPros.

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Which Left And Which Right?

River Left and River Right is all about the direction of travel of the water and its relationship to the banks. As you face downstream with the flow the bank to your left is river left and the bank to your right is river right.

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