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Living In An African Village

Myself (not me but Bren Orton) and Adrian are currently living in an African village… next to one of the best big waves in the world.

Living in an african village

There are lots of great parts to living in the village from the friendly neighbours, stoked kids, pets and cost of living but the best part is how close we are to the legendary Nile Special wave.

Check out the video to see more.

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Montreal Eau Vive – Wild & Free Tour

Montreal Eau Vive is a very slick edit from Nick Troutman. Filmed entirely with GoPro cameras and the GoPro Karma.

Montreal Eau Vive - Wild & Free Tour

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Hawaii sur Rhone, Lyon

Hawaii sur Rhone, Lyon

This is a video shot by Drone Box, the Jackson kayak team and friends.

It shows the “Hawaii sur Rhone” wave in Lyon like you’ve never seen it!

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Falls, Bitches and Bore

Falls Bitches and Bore

A wee video of the Falls of Lora, Bitches and Severn Bore. If I’d have known I’d be paddling all 3 in a month I might of had the GoPro on a bit more but oohhh well. Enjoy.

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The New Vajda Boost

The Boost is Vajda’s newest composite playboat. Vajda have a strong following not only in the whitewater slalom community but also within the freestyle/playboating world and I suspect that the new boost will be a hit.

Vajda Boost

The new Vajda Boost first video from Platling was created by Peter Csonka. It really shows what can be achieved when you combine cutting edge design with composite materials.

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Hiver 2014 -15

Hiver 2014 -15

Une grosse malate et un nouveau bateau! Je n’ai pas pu résister a l’appel de la vague en janvier 2015!

Voici les images de mes premiers pas en Jackson kayak! Ça va vite et ça glisse, ça glisse!!!!

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Demshitz – New Holtwood Kayak Park

Superb drone work from Demshitz and an awesome feature.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 22.49.42

About three weeks ago myself and Jared Seiler were invited to test the flow and features at the Holtwood kayak Park. We surfed the features at a variety of flows from 700cfs to about 1600cfs. A happy flow here at Holtwood is between 800-1100cfs. The top feature is a very fast wave. You have to be ready top fly on this feature, setting up can be a little tricky. The next feature is a fast wave hole and the last one is a perfect little V wave. Great shoulders on both sides, perfect for a good front surf or even an air blunt. Enjoy! Continue reading

Bitching It Up


For many years I’ve wanted to get to the Bitches, the famous tidal playwave spot in South-West Wales that hosted the inaugural world rodeo freestyle event, back in the day when the boats were metres long and pop-outs, paddle-twirls and fluorescent colours were all the rage. Being warned that my carbon Black Sheep wouldn’t surive being seal-launched, and with the tide being about 6.5m, the Rockstar probably wasn’t the boat to take either so I asked Aaron at Squarerock if I could borrow the Jackson FunRunner I took to the Grand Canyon, this long boat would make a perfect surf vessel.

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Team Badfish Surfing the Legend….Big Sur

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 18.47.18

The Big Sur wave on the Colorado River only comes in every 5 years or so when the snowpack is big enough to raise the flows on the Colorado in excess of 20,000cfs. Big Sur is a river wide party wave in a beautiful desert canyon that has everything from super shreddable pockets to mellow glassy rollers. When it came in during the early summer of 2014 Team Badfish rolled in and had some of the most fun sessions of the summer together. Continue reading

Boulters Weir

BOULTERS from Dave Wortley on Vimeo.

Boulters wave on the River Thames at high water during the floods of 2014.

Top level is 0
Bottom level 3.25

All 6 gates open, river dropping with Jubilee River closing.

Leatherman Wave

Leatherman Wave is solid piece of kit. As a river knife this bit of kit isn’t upto the job, but as a tool to carry in the boat, car or PFD for getting out of a fix then this is the daddy.

This made in the USA tool is 100% stainless steel (also available in titanium) and comes with a loads of features including: needlenose pliers; five screwdrivers, including Phillips head; two knives, one serrated; a wire cutter/splicer; a saw; file; can/bottle opener; and scissors. The newer version also has an attachment that will accept changeable driver bits.

The Leatherman is extremely sharp and is happy dealing with paper, wire, metal, or wood. The Leatherman Wave is a great tool that is guaranteed for 25 years – no questions asked, if it breaks, bends, weakens it will be repaired or replaced. It is also very compact.

The Leatherman Wave isn’t just a handy, versatile tool – it’s a practical investment. They aren’t cheap, £80 in sales but I think it is a solid investment.

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