The Muksu is regarded as the most difficult rivers in the former Soviet Union. Extreme whitewater, extreme lines, and extreme scouting in the heart of Tajikistan, all of which has been beautifully captured by Olaf Obsommer.

The Legend of Muksu - Review
The Legend of Muksu – Review

This 41 minute “on demand” video follows a highly talented kayak team on a six day drive, a 20 mile hike and 10 days on the river.

Is it worth a watch? Yes, most definitely. I found myself pausing the video a few times just to try and spot some of the lines.

Missing the portage eddy below led to Mike Krutyansky accidentally finding “the line” in the screen grab below!

The Legend Of Muklu has great balance of kayaking action, culture and true adventure and would appeal to paddlers and adventurous non-paddler alike.

Given how good this one is I would, under normal circumstances be recommending you gather your paddling mates and get them around for a BBQ and a few beers and watch this together.

In these times of social distancing I would recommend it even more as The Legend of Muksu is a true epic.

The Legend of Muksu as an “on demand” video can be rented (£4.58 24hr period) or bought (£9.16 stream and download anytime) from vimeo.