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What A Weekend

What a weekend, the UK took a battering over the course of the weekend with water levels. The Tees rose to just under 3m at Middleton over the weekend. That is almost twice the height normally seen at this time of year.

Friend of Unsponsored Sam Ellis ran Low Force at these super high levels. To put this into context this is what Low Force typically look likes.

What A Weekend

This superb high res photo courtesy of Martin James shows Sam running the Force. The rock just visible behind Sam’s right hand blade is the same rock that can be seen above the paddles head in the image below.

What A Weekend

Very impressive. This is not an easy piece of water and at these super high levels a miscalculated line or messed up boof would certainly result in a nasty outcome. To even consider running Low Force at these levels takes some guts.

If you have a few moments to spare take a good look around Martin’s site. He has some truly awesome images from around the Upper Tees area.

You can also find out a little more about Sam here.

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  1. Daniel Jones

    We did Middleton to Winston, was so fun and bouncy at those levels!

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