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Ard Rock Enduro 2017

Today I learnt about Enduro with a run around the 45KM route of the Ard Rock Enduro 2017.

Ard Rock Enduro 2017

I rode today but thankfully Unsponsored Girl was on hand to take some shots. The best part of 2000 images have been taken. If you rode on Sunday we may have an image of you.

Get in contact and let us know your number and gear/bike colour. We will see what we can do.

This is the first batch. We’ll be adding more up over the next few days.


  1. Andy Trevarthen

    August 8, 2017 at 10:31 am


    Any photos of rider 3374?


  2. Any photos of rider 3524? (blue commencal.. Blue ion top with red sleeve..)

    I was going to add I was in the Sunday.sport class.. But.. Well..

  3. Great photos, any of rider 665 on the Saturday and 3894 Sunday? Black and yellow kit/ black Nukeproof mega

  4. Hi any pics of 4273 on synday , grey helmet red yellow and orange top , orange whyte g160

  5. Hiya, great pictures.
    Do you have any of rider 5385? Blue and yellow shorts pink socks black and white Bird jersey. A beared wonder! =)


  6. Hi did you get any pics of 4209 on the Sunday riding a grey Orange

  7. Hello, great pics, any pics of 4319, black commencal with blue wheels and white forks, white shorts, blue red & white top, both TLD and a full face lid with orange goggles, oh and odd socks, thats me but also my bud is 4320, purple Orange alpine 160, black shorts, black top, blue lid.

    Cheers either way

  8. Hi, Do you have any photos of rider 3732 (Orange shorts and gloves, blue helmet), or 3731 (Yellow Frame, pink stickers on the wheels). Some really great shots there!



  9. Don’t suppose you have any of rider 5099.
    Cyan shorts, cyan and black top, black and cyan full face helmet, with red back pack.

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