A superb entry from Josh Neilson. A very well put together video.

2014 WWGP Entry – Josh Neilson from Southern Underground Productions on Vimeo.

2013 was a great year of kayaking for me. I often get asked what is my favorite river I have paddled and its such a tough question. We often break it down to best single day and best multi day run and I experienced both of these in one season.

The Wainui River in NZ immediately took first spot on the single day runs after an epic day out at optimal flows. A month later in California we got on the seldom run North Fork of the San Joaquin and that topped out the best multi day run for me. The season didn’t stop there though. Norway was next and an epic time was had by all! First descents and the biggest slide I have ever run in a kayak topped the moments off in Norway! This film is just a taste of some of the rivers I got to paddle over the past 6 months. I would like to extend a huge thanks to all my supporters and sponsors who help me live this amazing lifestyle! Also a huge thanks to all the friends I get to travel the world with and share amazing moments! This film was a compilation of my own footage but also a collaboration from friends at Høyde Media, Substantial Media House, and friends I paddle with such as Ben Jackson, Tyler Fox, Jamie Garrod, Adrian Kiernan and David Bain.

The fun doesn’t end here though… it is the beginning of my 17th summer in a row right now and its going to get bigger and better! For more information on what I do please contact me at joshneilson@gmail.com

Music – One Day – Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix) – Asaf Avidan

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