Bigger than Rodeo is the long awaited and much talked about video from the Epicocity Project crew. It follows there adventures through the Americas finding big water, big falls and getting huge air along the way.

Here’s the hype from The Epicocity Project;

“The Epicocity Project proudly announces the release of it’s first whitewater video: Bigger Than Rodeo. Combining equally the burliest waterfalls ever seen on video and the biggest aerial freestyle ever shot, Bigger Than Rodeo is an instant jaw dropper. Follow the EP crew as top shelf paddlers search the world for the sickest whitewater imaginable and find something more meaningful and truly bigger then they could imagine. Join us.”

The video is split into twelve different chapters;

Player Introductions
Freestyle definitions
The Slave
The Edge
The Beach
Latin America
Tidal Rapids
East Side
NW Creekin
Alexandra Falls – 105ft.

The video kicks off with a quick run through of the main players. Showing each paddler right in the middle of the action. This gives a pretty good indication of what is to follow.

Chapter 2 gives meaning to those weird freestyle moves. All the top air moves are defined and multiple top quality examples of each are shown. It all becomes clear! This in itself is a fantastic element in the overall “Bigger Than” package.

Then off to the slave river. Huge river, big water and monster waves/holes and these guys are throwing down like there’s no tomorrow. To me this is why the video is “Bigger Than Rodeo”.

The one thing I really like to see in kayaking videos is variety. I can’t stand 30-40 minutes of waterfall after waterfall, or even helix after helix. So with this production I think the EP guys have got the balance just right. Venues in the USA, Canada, and South America are shown. Big water, big falls, surfing and lifestyle elements are all present in good measure. This makes this video very watchable for paddlers and non-paddlers like.

Out of the many kayaking action videos I have watched “Bigger Than Rodeo” offers a pretty good picture of what to some is the perfect kayaking lifestyle. It is certainly a video that I will be watching again.