The intotheOUTSIDE crew continue their journey across europe in search of some of the best rivers Italy, Switzerland, Austria and France have to offer. From the steep creeking paradise of Valsesia, Italy, to the gorgeous hidden drops of Switzerland, the boys return to Europe to tackle the Inn Shoot, Venterache and Oetz in Austria, and unfinished business on the Lower Guisane and Upper Guil in France.

Filmed using GoPro and Canon 600D.

In association with Sailspy and GoPro Cowes.

KAYAK EUROPA 3.0 concludes the story from the teams early beginnings to a fully developed paddling crew, matured, in love with the rivers and ready to take the next exciting step on the adventure.

From the crew that brought you Northern Huk 2.0, Grapefruit Tacos Tequila White Water and Kayak Europa. Join them on another savage adventure. On a journey across Europe. KAYAK EUROPA 3.0, Dropping August 10th. intotheOUTSIDE.

A new film by Daniel J. Fylan-Smith. intotheOUTSIDE 2013.