This is a great edit from the team at Tits Deep.

Like A Girl

Four years ago, I was inspired by a group of women to become more involved with whitewater kayaking. It made me realize what I was missing in life, and when I had the chance to take an independent study my senior year, I jumped on it. Working with a semester-long project, I decided I wanted to encompass a lot of women, kayaking, and showing power. I wanted to be able to share the feeling I had four years ago with others.

Along the way, I had lots of help and I want to thank my parents, my sister, my Independent Study advisor, all of the athletes involved in the film, and Tits Deep for being such a huge part in my life and hosting my film on their page.
Enjoy “Like A Girl”!

Like A Girl from TiTs Deep on Vimeo.

All music used “In Gratis” and with specific licensing permission requests.

“Kusanagi” | ODESZA
“River” | Ibeyi
“For Us (feat. Briana Marela) | ODESZA
“It Can Wait (feat. Owl Eyes)” | Illy
“I Can’t Help Myself” | The Four Tops
“Always This Late” | ODESZA
“I Follow Rivers” | Lykke Li (FlicFlac/YOLO Remix)