I first saw the Instafit system on Boaterinformation.com when the new LL boats were displayed at the Salt Lake City Outdoor retailer show. I was intrigued! A simple idea – but would it work.


Well Liquid Logic and the UK importers SystemX were kind enough to send one of the 1st Instafits into the UK my way. So this morning I ripped the foam bulkhead out of my Prijon Release and headed down to the water for a few hours boating.

Wow! was my very first impression quickly followed by “Why didn’t I think of that”. Getting your foam footrest system right takes hours of cutting, sanding and shaping. This system is quick and can be easliy pulled out and set right backup in another boat within minutes (if that).

The Instafit system can probably be best described as an airbag filled with polystyrene balls since this is exactly what it is (See the gallery). The bag is well made and constructed from heavy duty airbag material. Breaking it would be extremely difficult. Using the Instafit is very simple. Just inflate the bag slightly and place it into your boat, leaving the valve open. Then climb in your boat, get your feet comfy (which pushes out the air) and close the valve. You then find yourself with a firm, tailor made footrest that fits perfectly every time and offers all round support for your feet. No hotspots and no dead leg.


I tried the Instafit in my Prijon Release as well as a LL Space Cadet, Riot Air 45, Riot Trickster, Pyranha S6, & Necky Vibe – each time it worked extremely well giving my feet more support than I have ever been used to. If using the Instafit in a larger boat or you arn’t as tall as me (6ft 2) then you can add up to three foam blocks to offer greater bulk.


I love simple ideas, especially when they work so effectivley. So could I go back to shaping foam blocks -the answer is no. I think LL have a potential gold mine on there hands and I wish them well with the system. If you can – try one, but better still buy one!