Welcome to Unsponsored HQ and Movie Monday 1 October 2018. Sit down, relax and checkout this weeks selection of edits.

Movie Monday 1 October 2018

Kayak Ardezer slucht austria 2013 from joost caubergs on Vimeo.

Canada 2018 from stuart skeldon on Vimeo.

Osage Creekin' 10/13/14 from Seth James on Vimeo.

Show Up and Blow Up: Meghalaya (NE India) from Luc Mehl on Vimeo.

Gauley Fest 2018 from Ryan Osborne on Vimeo.

Kayaking with Eric Jackson at the Ottawa 2018 from Simon Fisher on Vimeo.

Jim Baird in Temagami Paddling an Algonquin from Werner Paddles on Vimeo.

Guigui- prod Shinobi on Palomera river from Guigui -prod on Vimeo.

back in the wellerbrücke from Quirin Haslberger (Quitschie) on Vimeo.

Summer rains, lots of trees, a runaway paddle and a massive weir from Andy Cumino on Vimeo.

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