Welcome to Movie Monday 16 July 2018 at Unsponsored.It’s still scorchio here in the UK. No boating this week as ribs are a tad sore after an over the bars moment a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully these edits will help.

Movie Monday 16 July 2018

This is what summer is all about 2 from Daniel Jones kayak on Vimeo.

Boof Tang Clan – Chile – Rio Blanco del Sur from Stefan Schornsteiner on Vimeo.

Merica edit from Quirin Haslberger (Quitschie) on Vimeo.

Rider of the Year II Awards Video from Tribe Rider on Vimeo.

All You Can Eat Booffet from SkiniKid Productions on Vimeo.

Kokatat Presents: A Short Film About Ben Stookesberry from cKorbulic on Vimeo.

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