Welcome to Movie Monday 20 November 2017. I love this time of year. Suddenly the number of great edits for Movie Monday explodes.

Movie Monday 20 November 2017

Daddy's Creek 01-14-2017 from Stuart Thompson on Vimeo.

5.4; LW from Charge Productions on Vimeo.

Gravity – Chapter 15 – Das Masakar (Carnage Reel) from AutoBoof Productions on Vimeo.

Fairy Glen, Afon Conwy from Rob Hirst on Vimeo.

Big Banana from Kirk Eddlemon on Vimeo.

saucinneries from Saucisse Family on Vimeo.

Laps laps laps from Jonny Hawkins on Vimeo.

Cheoah 11/2017 from Harlan Hughes on Vimeo.

Uganda – The white Nile from Aaron Kendall on Vimeo.

2017 Tallulah Gorge Race from Get Outside Productions on Vimeo.

Upper Merced Summer 17 from Josh Arntzen on Vimeo.

Toxaway 2017 from Andrew Morrissey on Vimeo.

tallulah gorge from Aaron Koontz on Vimeo.

99 Shred Balloons from Jamie Mackay on Vimeo.

17 Recap Short from Ben Von Thaden on Vimeo.

gauley season 2017 from Andrew Grizzell on Vimeo.

Jalacingo from Kirk Eddlemon on Vimeo.

Waka Stout on the Ogwen from Rob Hirst on Vimeo.

Soca season end from Quirin Haslberger (Quitschie) on Vimeo.

Rindbach / Salzkammergut/ Austria from Robert Machacek on Vimeo.

TSC 48. Big Water Big Five from team.so.cal on Vimeo.

If these great edits from Movie Monday 20 September 2017 did not satisfy your need for whitewater check out the Movie Monday archive right here.

What gear do you use? Have you got an edit you want to share with the rest of the world? Have you seen one that we have missed? Contact us via the comment section below.