Wave Sport has raised the bar when it comes to implementing innovative designs. Much talked about the Transformer may be the next VHS or Betamax. Only time will tell.



The Transformer is the first production playboat that can adjust to the specific needs of different play features. The Transformer has removable tips that allow you to “Transform” this versatile boat from a short “air” boat to a longer slicey playboat. The potential of this boat is limitless.

Wave Sport is so confident that this boat will revolutionise playboating that they have come out with it in 4 sizes to accommodate almost every sized paddler.

Each boat comes with three sets of tips: a short bumper tip which is designed to protect the main part of the boat from wear and tear, and a set each of 5”and 8” slicey tips. In seconds you can go from short aerial boat to a long slicey performance boat.

Key Features

F.A.T 3.0 (Full Adjustment Technology)
The next step in Wave Sport outfitting!

Features Include

Foot bulkhead that is infinitely adjustable while you are seated.

Padded seat with adjustable position.

Moulded adjustable backrest.

Ribbed floor rail that reduces the “oil-canning” effect.

Interchangeable thigh hook system with adjustable position and interior diameter.

Sculpted hip pads that adjust easily for a snug fit.

F.A.T 3.0 is very similar the 2.0 series but with a few improvements.

The angle of the thigh braces are adjustable. The adjustable foot system is more comfortable.