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Operation Zulu

Without doubt the video of the 1990’s, Operation Zulu brought Corran and the rest of the Riot Kayak squad to our screens. Until now only available on VHS if you could find it. Thankfully with a bit of help I have sourced an original VHS copy and with the permission of Corran Addison have converted it to MP4 and put it online.

30-40 minutes of big water, aerials move, cartwheels, splitwheels, freewheels. At the time they were the most radical moves out there. The editing is slick and the soundtrack includes Real Big Fish, and The Bloodhound Gang. Old school boats are plenty – Savage Fury, Hammer, Glide (protos), 007… See what the pros can do.


Operation Zulu – Unsponsored from Unsponsored on Vimeo.

Corran is still pushing the envelope. Check out his new venture here.

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  1. No_Quarter

    Love it! Miss my VHS copy. Couldn’t find it on Disk. I’d also like the sound track. Tough to read credits.

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