Are you passionate about protecting our waterways and seas? Islander Kayaks and Odyssey Innovation are giving away a recycled kayak every month to groups and individuals with projects that take action in the fight against marine waste, rubbish and pollution.

Paddle For Plastic Community
Paddle For Plastic Community

In 2018, together with their partner Odyssey Innovation, Islander created the world’s first kayaks moulded using plastic collected from beach cleans and salvaged marine industry waste that Odyssey founder Rob Thompson developed.

Working together towards a circular economy, they are using the marine recycled kayaks to recover and recycle more rubbish and want to help you do this by providing kayaks to clean otherwise inaccessible parts of our coastlines and waterways.

To date through the Paddle for Plastic initiative, they have been able to support projects around the world that help protect or preserve. They’ve partnered with household names like The Blue Planet, Surfers Against Sewage and Sea Sheppard and given away boats to specialist groups like the Olive Ridley Turtle Project and SK Kayak’s ecotourism clean-up scheme on the Costa Brava.

Together they are committed to protecting the waterways. After all, it’s everyone’s place to play and without taking care of the magnificent wildlife, stunning scenery and maintaining clean water this simply won’t be possible. Ten years ago Islander began improving – implementing more sustainable practices by reusing the plastic waste in their factory to make recycled kayaks, but in the last two years this has moved rapidly forward with the chance to make kayaks from the unique marine recycled plastic, thanks to Odyssey Innovation.

Get involved

For the chance to win one of the Islander Odyssey marine recycled kayaks, visit the Islander Kayaks website or Odyssey Innovation website or either of their social media pages to find out how to submit your proposal if you have an exciting project planned. Islander and Odyssey want to help maximise your impact so that you can share your story and inspire others to do the same. Those who are shortlisted will be contacted to submit a full proposal.