As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic there is an increased risk to health. In the foreseeable future, massive restrictions will continue to exist on:

  • travelling
  • border crossing
  • air travel
  • board and boat rental, tours, training, teaching
  • retail
  • sporting events, competitions, club activities.

The industry’s planning is long-term, the losses at early part of the season cannot be compensated for this year, even with the most optimistic view. Some suppliers have already announced that they will postpone the start of the new collection by one year. In addition, trade fairs or events including catering such as the PADDLEexpo “Industry Dinner” are not permitted at this time, changes in this respect cannot be foreseen at the moment.

Consequently, the PADDLEexpo will be dropped in the year 2020. Stay healthy and get through this difficult time successfully!

Kindest regards,

Horst Fürsattel (Show Manager)