Sometimes you find yourself in the position of having to remove outfitting. If the outfitting has been put in well you need a few tricks of the trade to make the job that little bit easier.

Last week I picked up an Eskimo Topo Duo that had a seat pad and hip pads fitted. The foam used had its own layer of re-enforced sticky tape so was stuck on pretty hard.

Step one was to remove the foam by ripping it off the seat. There was no way that the foam was going to come off cleanly so it was simply ripped away leaving the layer of glue.

Removing Outfitting

The re-enforcement within what must have been some VHB tape was the part that created the greatest amount of issues. If this was simply contact adhesive it would have been fairly simple to remove.

Using a combination of a heat gun on a pretty low setting and a plastic scraper I was able to remove the bulk of the glue. To get shot of any left over glue I used a cloth with some citrus degreaser to fully clean the seat.

Removing Outfitting