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Rockem Sockem is the name of a rapid and a wave on the Slave river. The wave is good at low water (about 3400-3500 cms) which is usually in the fall. It’s a very dynamic and steep wave, offering some good air. The good pocket of the wave is accessed by surfing through the “penalty box” (or by hiking and dropping in from above). The penalty box is a vicious little pocket of a hole that dishes out some beatings (see this video vimeo.com/112213319 for solid penalty box time), but surfing the main wave makes it all worthwhile.

Rockem Sockem Spotlight from Leif Anderson on Vimeo.

Music: Frontier, by Doctor Vox.
Every year, on August long weekend, there is a river festival on the Slave river. More information on the Slave can be found on their Facebook page: facebook.com/SlaveRiverPaddlefest