John Nestler has recently released a film about a self-supported IK (inflatable kayak) expedition down the Tatshenshini & Alsek Rivers, which flow through the Yukon, BC, and Alaska.

Self Supported Inflatable Kayak Expedition

John has kindly submitted his edit for all readers of Unsponsored to see. Enjoy!

Tatshenshini from Fluid Glass Productions on Vimeo.

The Tatshenshini may just be one of the most beautiful rivers in North America. It starts as a small creek, and becomes nearly a mile wide at the confluence with the Alsek. Glaciers reach down to the river, and Alsek Lake houses monstrous icebergs and endless rain.

The trip was done from a grant from Colorado College’s Ritt Kellogg Fund, and you can read a little more about the trip on my website:


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