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Social Media Saturday 2 May 2020


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I’ve been trying to refrain from posting current content from the past month. A few reasons, more below, but I did want to post this clip from the first session of the year back in April 3rd to highlight the ridiculous thing that is muscle memory. The combination of Mini Bus being so consistent, and me working on these tricks continuously throughout the past 5 years +, completely overpowered the fact that it was my first freestyle session in 7 months, it’s a new boat, and it was the equivalent of below freezing on the water. Muscle memory is your bodies way of telling you that perseverance is key, keep trying, keep pushing, keep gaining that experience and it will all come together. A few reasons why I’ve been refraining from posting. Mini Bus or Big Bus have been in essentially for the entire month of April. With so many people in the Ottawa area with this time off, I did not want to influence or encourage anyone that now is a good time to get back into their kayak for the season. Nor did I want to highlight that while most people around the world are locked down, I have the ability to get outside and on the water that I am incredibly grateful for. Lastly, did not want to send the message that I am oblivious to the ongoing tragedy, yes the Ottawa Valley has been relatively unaffected, but that doesn’t take away from the tragic events that have unfolded across the globe. More thoughts behind these points, this is only a brief insight.

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