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PSA: #fbf – and not just the hashtag… this was scary… we try to stay safe, we try to stay on it – but sometimes bad stuff just happens. What you do when that bad stuff starts is whether it becomes a good story to tell around the campfire, or a nightmare for you and everyone else in the community. Stay Vigilant! The river is more forgiving than most realize but as soon as you let your guard down the ‘stuff’ can really hit the fan. Still, the rivers have given me such joy, inner confidence, and incredible knowledge about both the world around us and our human abilities at problem solving skills – but we play in dangerous places. Always keep that in mind and have a plan. When the ugly starts to unravel you’ve gotta be ready to do whatever it takes to help a friend in need. Keep an eye on your group, keep good spacing and whatever happens keep trying something – anything. I’ve been avoiding putting this together and it stresses me out watching it so this quick cut will have to do. Paddling hasn’t been the same since. But it’s still incredibly fun! Just feels different. I’ll be back to it though, how could I not?! Hopefully this can act as an early learning experience and get some folk’s attention before you have to be the swimmer or the rescuer! Not trying to hate on anybody or get in a squabble about what we could’ve done better. It worked. We ALL went home and at the end of the day that’s what matters. Stay safe stay ready and always have what you need to get the job done. Good lines. -Pat #rescue #highrewardcomeswithhighrisk #igotyoubro 🙏 @tadshipley and @mgalizio love you guys.

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