Here in the North East of England we like our whitewater courses steep. The Tees Barrage has two sections the Long course and the Short course.

Steep Artificial Whitewater

The Short course is often used for ww rescue training with a low flow, but when on full release it creates a superb, but short piece of ww. Conveyer belt access to the top of the course means that multiple runs can be made easily.

Steep Artificial Whitewater

The following photographs were taken today (mainly from the far bank) using a Nikon D7100 and Nikkor 70-200mm VRII lens.

The course also has its own paddle sport shop – Northshore Watersports.

unsponsored_Aug15_Tees 173

Although the course is made from concrete with plastic building blocks creating the features the water is diverted from the River Tees. The colour of the water is created by the high peat content within the water.

unsponsored_Aug15_Tees 179

unsponsored_Aug15_Tees 180

For those of you in or visiting the UK and want to give the Tees Barrage a go check out the course timetable to see when the Long and Short course are running.