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GoPro Hero5 Session – Review

Since the first launch of the GoPro camera a few years ago it is very rare to see a group of paddlers at your local whitewater run or play park and not have at least one paddler wearing one.

GoPro Hero5 Session - Review

At Unsponsored HQ we have used the GoPro range since the first HD version hit UK shores. After a pause in updates GoPro have launched the new Hero5 range of cameras. The Hero5 Black edition (£349) takes on the similar cuboid form factor of previous versions but has dispensed with the housing. The Hero5 Session (£249) takes the Hero Session (now £179) cube form factor and packs a bigger punch.

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POV Cameras Possible Danger?

I am a huge GoPro user, I have owned most types and always have a couple with my kayaking kit. Being able to bring tech into my paddling offers me the perfect combination of the kind of things I am into. I also spend a great deal of time watching home grown kayak movies on Vimeo and Youtube, many of which appear here on the site so I have a pretty good feel of what is possible and the impact that POV cameras have had on the sport.


Society is probably more media driven than it ever has been before and even the small section of society who kayak have been part of and are impacted upon by the rise of social media. Being able to view user driven and user published media where the end viewer has ultimately also become the media maker/publisher has many merits and has helped bring the sport to more people than it ever has done in the past. Continue reading

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