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River Elf

Sometimes a manufacturer creates a boat that just looks right. This one from River Elf looks awesome in this colour.

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Jackson Kayak – Outfitting

Jackson Kayak Europe have been working on some new outfitting over the last few months to make boats that are lighter and stiffer.

Jackson Kayak – Outfitting

The first shot shows a prototype seat sitting on a hull stiffening plate. This was then developed and refined until the final carbon version was created.

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River Elf Storm Rider – Review

I’ve waited long enough to author this review to allow me a chance to use the River Elf, Storm Rider M for close to a dozen times under varied, low water/high water conditions. That, to avoid the manifestations of the typical instant euphoria reflecting in reviews of new, exiting toys.

River Elf Storm Rider - Review
River Elf Storm Rider – Review

So, here it goes:

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Guigui Prod Shinobi Composite Creek Boat

Guigui Prod have released this promo video showing the new Shinobi in action. The Shinobi is a composite creeker.

Guigui-Prod Shinobi Composite Creek Boat

The design of the hull has come about through the collaboration of Guigui Prod and the Easy Kayak Team.

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Predator’s New Full Face Helmet

We’ve got the scoop on Predator’s new full face helmet. This helmet as yet has no name.

Predator's New Full Face Helmet

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Soul Waterman – Custom Kayaks

Soul Waterman, the Canadian based company founded by Olympic kayaker Corran Addison, is announcing the first ever custom kayak design program the industry has ever seen.

Custom Kayaks

“We’re not talking about adding or cutting the seam a little to adjust volume,” stated Corran. “This is a real bone fide custom designed kayak to each individuals needs.”

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Armerlite Brooks Canadian

Previously marketed under the Robson brand the Brooks range of canoes are made from Armerlite.

Armerlite Brooks Canadian

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Jackson Kayak: Carbon Rock Star Walkthrough

Europe Team Manager Mathieu Dumoulin walks us through the new Carbon Rock Star build by Gui Gui Prod.

Liquid Logic Composite Prototype


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Sweet Strutter

The Sweet Strutter is a very light, fashionably formed playboater’s helmet, complete with a baseball-cap style curved bill. It has easy-to-fit outfitting kit locks in place with the use of Velcro, allowing the helmet to be tailored to fit.

As with most helmets the fit is key, and not all helmets fit all heads. Originally the strutter came in a one size fits all variety and although I got on OK with it the helmet tended to cause headaches after a while. Thankfully the revamp of the strutter saw it being produced in three sizes.

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Liquid Logic – Composite Kayak

Liquidlogic Composite Prototype 1 from ross herr on Vimeo.

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