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Sweet Strutter

The Sweet Strutter is a very light, fashionably formed playboater’s helmet, complete with a baseball-cap style curved bill. It has easy-to-fit outfitting kit locks in place with the use of Velcro, allowing the helmet to be tailored to fit.

As with most helmets the fit is key, and not all helmets fit all heads. Originally the strutter came in a one size fits all variety and although I got on OK with it the helmet tended to cause headaches after a while. Thankfully the revamp of the strutter saw it being produced in three sizes.

Inside the outer shell is an inner shell, a support for the liner, which hugs the forehead slightly below the base of the bill, and extends below the rim of the shell on the back. The back of the helmet actually cups the back of the head and locks the helmet down. With this and its reasonably secure chinstrap, this helmet is going to go nowhere even in the harshest of trashings.

One of the major issues with helmets with a fitted peak is the helmet can be forced back on the head exposing the forehead when rolling etc. This can fixed by placing one of the velcro pads to the rear of the helmet as shown below. This allows the shape of the helmet to prevent it from being pushed back/down.

The shell is composite-backed plastic, which means the composite is used to add stiffness and save weight, while the plastic offers durability. The liner is thin and light and is arranged into a harness inside the helmet so it offers thicker coverage all around the sides of your head. This has allowed the designers to save weight while focusing the greatest protection in the spots where you’re most likely to take hits i.e. on the side. The Strutter also carries the all-important CE approval.

Unlike the Shred Ready range of peaked helmets the design of the inner harness on the Strutter means that you cannot wear the helmet backwards.

I have been using the 2011 Strutter for the past 6 months and have been pleased with the performance, the fit is better than the original (I wear a M/L with three pads fitted). It feels light and comfortable whilst still feeling secure. The only down side is probably the price around £170 (£99 when 1st released) but the helmet has a quality feel and once used a few times the price tag is soon forgotten. You only have one head after all.

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  1. admin

    I’m now using the new plastic strutter and am very impressed. The shape has been tweaked slightly and that combined with the new padding has resulted in a super comfy well fitting lid.

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