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Soul Waterman – Outfitting

We’ve been following the develops at Soul Waterman HQ for sometime. We love what Corran is doing over there and it’s great to see the line of boats that are being produced.

We shared some graphics showing what the outfitting would/could look like a few months back. The outfitting is now a reality and is being fitted to the new production line of kayaks. I’d be interested in knowing peoples thoughts on this.

Soul Waterman - Outfitting

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Soul Waterman Outfitting – First Look

We’ve been following the development of the whitewater line of Soul Waterman kayaks since Corran Addison first announced them.

The new boats are almost ready for full production. As we are getting close to the release we are starting to see examples of what the actual outfitting will be like. Corran has taken some recent images of the new Soul Waterman outfitting and we are pretty impressed at Unsponsored HQ.

Soul Waterman Outfitting - First Look

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Fluid Kayaks MOD5 Outfitting System Review

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 22.29.45

The new Mod 5 system from Fluid Kayaks looks pretty interesting. Some pretty clever ideas. Continue reading

A Tight Fit – Kayak Footrests

We all know that feeling – The deep pain/numbness associated with being packed tightly into a plastic container and thrown around for an hour or two.

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Outfitting – Examples (2001 ish)

I found this in the archives! I think an updated version is called for.

I have tried to gather together a number of good outfitting examples. They are intended to be a source of ideas or possible options that you may want to consider for your kayak. The best way to look at the information is as a pick & mix. Experiment and take the elements that work best for you and discard the rest.

Getting the outfitting of your boat correct may happen with the first go but more than likely will require both time and patience.

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