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The 9R GoBro Mount

The 9R GoBro Mount

Friends can’t go kayaking? Don’t worry, they will still know how cool you looked. I’ve been working the past couple weeks trying to dial in an elevated mount system for my 9R. The goal being do not spend more than $20. I made this mount out a crutch and old Pyranha hardware. I took it out for a test run this weekend on my backyard run and here are the results. Getting close to dialed!

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Spring Paddling: Contoocook River

Some great footage from Rob Schafsteck’s GoPro setup.

Spring Paddling: Contoocook River from Rob Schafsteck on Vimeo.

Recent rain and snow melt pumped up the ‘Took to a “sporty” 10 feet on the gauge. Decided to test out my homemade stern mount and as you can see, the breakaway feature worked…

Daniel Rondón GoPro Reel 2013

Daniel Rondón Go pro reel 2013 from Daniel Rondon on Vimeo.

Daniel Rondón GoPro Reel 2013 – This video is about Gopro, kayaking and fun!


Two Days In Winter: Chamise & Thunder At 165cfs.

Two Days in Winter: Chamise & Thunder at 165cfs. from on Vimeo.

Team SoCal doing what it does on a gorgeous winter weekend.

River Tawe Jan 2014 Scotty Camera Mount Experiments

River Tawe Jan 2014 Scotty camera mount experiments from Five Element Productions on Vimeo.

A test of the Scotty kayak mount with a GoPro. WARNING: This video contains shots of mild white water kayaking slowed down in an attempt to make it look far more dramatic than it actually was…

This trip also resulted in a rather embarrasing swim after going through a stopper and hitting an edy by mistake before getting sucked back into said stopper for a head pounding. Scotty mount survived it nicely though!

Music “Flying Alaska V.2” by Everlone (

GoPro Rear Kayak Mount

Here is a great MYOG/DIY GoPro rear kayak mount by Lee Barrell. This system allows you to attached a GoPro pole mount arrangement to the rear of your kayak without the need of removing or modifying your boat in any way.

GoPro Rear Kayak Mount

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Jackson Karma Goes to Italy

JK Karma Goes to Italy from Nick Williams on Vimeo.

Read my thoughts on the Jackson Karma here.

2014 Rockstar – Jackson Kayak

Info on the 2014 Rockstar is now out.



Simply our best hull design yet! Built shorter, lighter and aimed towards ease of use, comfort and skills progression, the NEW Rockstar is the new standard. EJ and Dave Knight have reshaped its hull to perform with better balance, responsiveness and with easier edging and carving power! Our new ergonomic design, stiffer make, enhanced hull support and customizable outfitting gives paddlers a much more comfortable paddle position, takes advantage of body strengths, lends to a stronger body/boat interface and provides an easier roll. Continue reading

Jackson’s Kayak’s New Rockstar at GoPro Mountain Games

Rush Sturges GoPro NF Payette Championship 3rd Place Run

Jackson Kayak 2014 Rockstar Teaser



Jackson All Star 2010 – Review

When the Jackson All Star made its debut at the Teva Games it stormed onto the podium with paddlers Stephen Wright with record high freestyle score of 1310 points, followed by Nick Troutman on 1295, and Dustin Urban on 1040.

unsponsored_all_star (1)
Jackson All Star 2010 – Review

The All Star range from Jackson Kayaks has probably been the most popular design of park and play kayaks over the last couple of years. 2013 has seen a major update in the design but plenty of pre-2013 boats can still be found.

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