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The 9R GoBro Mount

The 9R GoBro Mount

Friends can’t go kayaking? Don’t worry, they will still know how cool you looked. I’ve been working the past couple weeks trying to dial in an elevated mount system for my 9R. The goal being do not spend more than $20. I made this mount out a crutch and old Pyranha hardware. I took it out for a test run this weekend on my backyard run and here are the results. Getting close to dialed!

The 9R GoBro Mount test from Nickolas Yourd on Vimeo.

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  1. Nick Yourd

    Sick! I’ll hit you up with anything else I come up with

  2. Mat Bennett (@matbennett)

    Nice. I’ve been trying to find something to get a similar angle that I can move from boat to boat. I think you’re some way ahead of me.
    Fun video too.

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