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GoPro Hero 4 Session – First Look

The new GoPro Hero 4 Session landed at Unsponsored HQ today. The Session is GoPro’s latest POV action camera and the first to break away from what has been a fairly standard GoPro cuboid shape.


The Session does not require a waterproof housing but uses a Frame Mount (2 supplied). Interestingly both Frames include a facility to attach a tether. Unfortunately a tether isn’t supplied.

A small but very bright white text on black LCD screen keeps you up to date on the cameras settings, although setting changes need to be carried out via the App or GoPro Remote (not included).

Unsponsored-GoPro-Session- (5)

In the image above you can make out a ridge on both the front and back of the camera. This helps lock the camera into the Frame and prevents the camera being knock out.

Unsponsored-GoPro-Session- (15)

Behind the one door is a slot for the Micro SD Card and a port for the USB transfer/charging lead. This lead is supplied within the accessory pack but it has to be noted that this is different to the USB leads used on the GoPro Hero 4 and 3+ cameras.

Other than the items already mentioned you also get a new ball joint QR, paperwork, sticker, and two sticky mounts.

Unsponsored-GoPro-Session- (16)

Interestingly both the ball joint and the low profile frame mount use a new rubber piece to lock the QR in place.

Unsponsored-GoPro-Session- (13)

Micro SD cards are still the order of the day with a max capacity of 64GB for the Session. My thoughts on the best cards for the GoPro Hero4 Session can be found here.

The table in the image below compares all of the GoPro range currently available to purchase even if they are discontinued.

Unsponsored GoPro Comparison July 2015

The LED in the top right hand corner (front) and bottom right (back) flash red when recording and blue when WiFi is switched on. If both are occurring the flashes alternate between red and blue.

My thoughts after a few months now are mixed. I love the size and the shape of the session. The low profile mount also makes it great for helmet use. However battery life isn’t great (about half that of a Hero 3+) but you can work around this by using the camera when only actually required. This saves searching through loads of footage at the other end anyway.

The one thing that has got me narked is the way in which the WiFi switches on and off through the use on the rear. It’s not bad it’s just totally different to every other GoPro.

I’d be interested in hearing peoples thoughts on the GoPro Hero 4 Session via the Leave A Reply section below.

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  1. kayakjournal

    It’s a great move forward, and no doubt this will be how all future GoPros will be. It’s been thought through really well, using a frame mount rather than integrating the mount into the case means that there’s no risk of the mount breaking and leaving you needing to get an entire camera replacement. They have also kept the replaceable lens cover too.

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