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Sweet Protection 2022

Although the design remains the same Sweet Protection have mixed things up a bit by introducing a new range of colours for the Wanderer, Rocker and Strutter.

Sweet Protection Strutter 2022

Sweet Protection have kept Dirt Black and Gloss White in the line up but have added Deep Purple Metallic, Matt Burning Orange and this Matte Fluo.

Sweet Protection Strutter 2022
Sweet Protection Strutter 2022
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Sweet Protection Rocker 2021

One of the best helmets on the market the half cut Sweet Protection also gets a colour make over for 2021.

Matte Aquamarine

Gloss white and Dirt Black have been joined by Matte Aquamarine and Matte Chopper Orange Metallic.

Matte Chopper Orange Metallic

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Sweet Protection Strutter 2021

Designed in 1997 the Sweet Strutter has to be one of the most recognisable helmets in the paddlesport market place.

Gloss Chopper Orange

For this year we have the same design as last year but with a couple of new colours. RRP is £179.99.

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2020 Sweet Protection Colours

From our friends at North East Kayaks and Paddles.

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Sweet Protection Strutter 2019 – First Look

Here it is a Sweet Protection Strutter 2019. These things won’t be out until well into 2019 but we have one right here at Unsponsored to check out, wear, use and review with the help of North East Kayaks and Paddles.

Sweet Protection Strutter 2019

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Palm Shuck Helmet – First Look

After a few years in development Palm Equipment has revealed the Shuck helmet. I tried out a 3D printed Shuck almost two years ago but was sworn to secrecy. It took a few days to print and was super heavy.

Palm Equipment Shuck - First Look

Roll on a couple of years and the Shuck has been released into the world.

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Shred Ready Zeta

It’s been a while since Shred Ready launched a new helmet for the paddlesport market. Over the last few days they have been showing parts of the new Shred Ready Zeta.

The Zeta is a peaked helmet that uses the BOA 3 retention system.

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On the Brain – A Custom Hand Drawn Helmet By Adventurous Pencil

On The Brain

A one-of-a-kind hand drawn Shuck helmet by Amy Dunis (Adventurous Pencil) … putting an appreciation for the wild places we love down in pen and ink.

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Shuck Helmet From Palm Equipment

The Shuck helmet from Palm Equipment is now available. I got to try on a 3d printed prototype a few years ago and am looking forward to trying the real thing.

Shuck helmet from Palm Equipment

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WRSI Current Pro Helmet – First Look

Way back in 2006 WRSI was a new company and we had one of the first Current helmets off the production line. At that time Unsponsored was looking at importing the WRSI Current into Europe but it was not going to be viable at the time. We used the WRSI Current for a couple of years on and off before moving to another brand.

WRSI Current Pro Helmet - First Look

Move forward 12 years and we have the WRSI Current Pro helmet in for review.

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WRSI Helmets 2018

WRSI technology combines three-layer impact absorption, intentional outfitting design and a plush interior to deliver comfortable helmets that can take the hits. The multi-impact shell combined with an EVA foam liner and a polyurethane sub-shell effectively dissipate impacts.

WRSI Helmets 2018

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Predator’s New Full Face Helmet

We’ve got the scoop on Predator’s new full face helmet. This helmet as yet has no name.

Predator's New Full Face Helmet

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